Our Process

Reserving a Baby Nurse is easy. Just follow these steps.

Step 1 — Call 770.597.8330 and tell us your needs and what kind of care you are interested in. Fill out the application Start here. or  print the application off of this web site

Step 2 — Call the Baby Nurse’s references

Step 3 — Interview the Baby Nurse by phone

Step 4 — Let us know your decision

Step 5 — Send in your placement fee to reserve your Baby Nurse. Once we receive your application and Placement Fee we will send you our Welcome Packet ?

Step 6 — Keep in touch so we can give you the very best care and be there for you when your baby, or multiples, come home.

We look forward to hearing from you and serving you and your family during this very special time!!!!

Happy Customers

Carter and Adam Loved their Baby Nurse she was there at the perfect time in their lives. She did an amazing job for them and our little Virginia couldn’t have been more blessed in the loving care she received. Carter has told me over and over again, “Thank you for the gift of a Baby Nurse!!!” so I must do the same and thank you for making this all happen. I know Carter will look back in 28 years just as I have for my Annie Mae, and remember and give thanks for the gifted baby nurses that graced our lives!! Thank you!


Atlanta, GA

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