We at Rachel’s Infant Care do our best to serve your needs. We provide Baby Nurses to live with your family for the first 2 weeks to 6 months after your baby(s) arrival.

Your Baby Nurse will help you Rest and Recover while teaching you about:

  • Breast-feeding
  • Bottle sterilization and feeding
  • Baby sleeping and eating routines
  • Sponge bathing and tub baths
  • Special needs of Premature Babies
  • Care for multiples

Your Baby Nurse’s Job Is:

  • Assisting you with Breast-feeding
  • Preparing bottles
  • Feeding baby
  • Getting baby on a good feeding and sleeping routine
  • Giving sponge baths, tub baths once cord falls off
  • Baby Massage
  • Total Night care so you can sleep
  • Doing the baby’s laundry
  • Cleaning the nursery
  • Making sure you get proper nutrition through meal planning and a special smoothie
  • Preparing dinner for your family to ease your work load
  • Light house work (example: helping with the dishes, etc.)

Our Baby Nurses are not maids! However, they will give you the very best care in all the areas of their job description.

References Available
Bonded and Licensed

“If you have a newborn, or more specifically, multiples (as I did), and want your child to have round the clock care with experienced, trained professionals, this is the company for you. I was expecting triplets and did a LOT of research to locate someone to help me for the first few months, and I came upon Rachel’s Infant Care. What made this company stand out for me was the fact that they had actual Baby Nurses on staff that they had used repeatedly, and that they had an established track record in dealing with infants. Most like companies function as nanny or nurse brokers. They advertise and screen applications in order to locate the right person for your situation. Rachel’s Infant Care provides the “right” person from her established staff (many of whom have been with her for years), and who have verified history and track records. This gave my husband and I a better sense of security when allowing a stranger to care for our babies. Well worth the price. How many women can say they had triplets, and didn’t have to get up once at night for a feeding? Additionally, the nurse had my babies on a feeding schedule within a couple days. As is common, my triplets were premature, but due to the expertise of Rachel’s staff with multiples, my children exceeded the expectations of the doctors, and I credit this to the excellent care received by Rachel’s staff. Mom’s, feel free to e-mail me for more specifics.”

Jill Grant – Atlanta, GA – Triplets 2008