Rachel Davis

Owner / Baby Nurse

Rachel is our beautiful and very talented Leader. She is the Founder & President of Rachel’s Infant Nursing & Postpartum Care, LLC, established in 2001.

She is an amazing wife & mother of two very active young men and knows first hand about pregnancy, the challenges of childbirth complications and breastfeeding.

When she’s not out baby nursing or training new baby nurse trainees, you might find her working in the RIC home office, teaching a class at church or helping her children with their homeschool class work, or partnering with her husband on various projects. Always cheerful, Rachel is kind, patient, loving and a fabulous teacher. A true friend to all, we all adore her,┬áBaby Nurse & New Parents alike!


“I was able to heal faster with your delicious meals and smoothies full of vitamins! Thank you for doing the sleepless nights, for being so patient through my freak-out moments, for the wise words when we needed them most, for the love you gave to our girls throughout this process. Most of all thank you for being there for everything!
WARD FAMILY – Miami, FL – 2016

“You arrived precisely at the right time! You nursed mommy back to health, loved and cared for our boys, & provided immense calm & security in an otherwise hectic time. I’m truly humbled by your graciousness & the amount of care & dedication you pour into your profession. The world could use more people like you!”
THE KENANS – Charleston, SC – 2016

“Whitney and I cannot express how much we appreciate your help, guidance and devotion! Your job is such a special calling and I hope you know how much you mean to us and our babies. Your guidance has given us confidence and kept these babies healthy and happy. Because of your wonderful, kind and patient disposition you have kept the two of us sane and happy. Thank you for starting this family in a healthy, happy and confident environment to grow in the right direction.”
Margaret & Whitney DeBardeleben Jr – Birmingham, AL – 2016

“Being a new mom is stressful and there is so much to learn/figure out. My baby nurses were a great support during this stressful time. They were able to offer advice and assurance. They helped with my personal recovery post c-section and allowed me extra sleep. They helped with the challenges of breastfeeding and made sure I never went hungry! Most importantly, they took excellent care of my baby and loved him like their own!!!” “Thanks again for everything Rachel! You’re the Best!!!”
Amber Sones – Birmingham, AL – 2016