Melinda Foder

Baby Nurse / CNA

She is a mother of six and grandmother of five. Her youngest is now 12 and she misses babies so very much that she is sharing her talent for babies and children with us. She has a sparkle in her eyes every time she is able to share her love and friendship while caring for our clients’ babies. Her one true love is her relationship with Jesus. We are so grateful for her knowledge and skill to be added to our Baby Nurse Family.

Here is what some of our clients have said about Melinda:

“She was extremely easy to get along with, she knew everything about babies, helped with breastfeeding challenges, and also helped a little with my toddler. She was incredibly helpful! In my eyes, Melinda is an amazing person and amazing at what she does. She can do no wrong!”       
Mary Scott McKinnon – New Orleans, 2016

“Melinda’s kind and empathetic personality was a joy to have in our home. She got things done well and quickly without any intrusion into the day to day workings of our busy household. She demonstrated a true love for babies and a wonderful willingness and ability to meet my families’ needs.”
Terri Hunt – Birmingham, AL

“As a mother of six, Melinda fell right into step in our home and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her quiet, soothing voice and wonderful cooking skills were matched only by her exceptional infant care knowledge and the loving manner with which she treated all our children. We wanted her to stay forever!”
Gwen and Matt Barr – Salisbury, NC

“Melinda chose a formula that helped with our baby’s constipation, got her on a good sleeping schedule, was easy to talk to, but most of all loved, and took great care of our baby.”
Jennifer Skipper – Birmingham, AL

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