Marie Gottfried

Midwife / Baby Nurse

Marie worked as a Paramedic for sixteen years, has done midwifery for the past fourteen years and has worked with Rachel’s Infant Care for over 7 years. She specializes in multiple births and special needs babies. She is patient, a great listener, full of good advice and knowledge, loves a challenge, and can’t wait to work with quadruplets.

Here is what some of our clients have said about Marie:

WHAT WAS MOST HELPFUL TO YOU? “Are you Kidding? The most helpful was getting our baby on a napping and bedtime routine. Also, her calm, peaceful manner just made everyone feel so at ease. Her knowledge of vitamins, supplements for baby and me – also made her so helpful! We really didn’t want her to leave but I can’t wait for her to go help another family. I hope everyone she helps finds her as amazing as we did!”                                                                                  
Leslie Colafrancesco – Birmingham, AL – 2016

“Marie is very hands on and just jumps right in. Her knowledge and experience with multiples along with her confidence is just what we needed. She was a big help with daily tasks – diapering, feeding – as well as the big ones – getting the triplets on a 4 hour schedule, and sleeping at night. Marie left us with a game plan so we could continue feeling well equipped. She is a true problem solver and that is exactly what we needed! She is loving which is just what you want to see in a Baby Nurse. Out girls -triplets- loved her!”
Georgia Miller – Birmingham, AL

“She knows so much about babies and quickly got our twins on a schedule that fits very well with our family. She taught me so much about twins. She helped me with breastfeeding, and taught me how to get them to latch them both on by myself. Marie was not only great for our babies; she was also great for our marriage. She allowed us to have dates without the children and helped us to be better Christians by her example. We love Marie and are very thankful God brought her to us during this wonderful time in our lives!”
Lucy Spann – Birmingham, AL

“Marie was professional and caring. She gave a lot of advice but never tried to push anything on me. She wanted me to be comfortable with all of my decisions. Marie taught me so much about caring for my twins; bathing, swaddling, how to reduce spit-up etc. Getting them on a feeding schedule and letting me sleep at night were so helpful.”
Annemarie Gray – Birmingham, AL

“Marie is such a wonderful person. I would highly recommend her to anyone! She was my guardian angel that came and rescued me!
Carmen King – Birmingham, AL

“Marie made me feel calm and positive about everything. She did things for me before I could even think to ask. She was very kind and loving and gave a sense of structure and routine to a time when our family life/home could have been turned upside down. She was very helpful in getting the baby on a schedule, feeding, sleeping etc… her knowledge of our baby’s needs and meeting those needs. I was comfortable and confident because of the level of her skills.”
Christy Hart – Atlanta GA

“Marie was wonderful all around! Her medical background was a huge bonus with one of our triplets, Emery and her episode which sent us to the hospital; her gentle quiet nature; her confidence with the babies. We will really miss her.”
Laura Minnich – Alpharetta GA

“The most helpful thing to me about having Marie was establishing a nighttime feeding schedule. It is so nice for me to know that when I put my baby down to sleep at night that he will sleep until it is time for him to eat again. I can handle waking up at night now due to her getting him on a schedule.”
Leah Abele – Birmingham AL

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