Joyce Thomas

Baby Nurse / CNA / Doula

“Because Joyce is a vital resource for our team and an amazing teacher for our new Baby Nurses; she will only be available to families that can accept 2 Baby Nurses.” Rachel Davis

Joyce has 4 grown children and 7 grandchildren. She worked in the hospital nursery as a volunteer at the age of 16 and was soon on the payroll. Her experience with babies and children is abundant. She is very talented with teaching new mothers and caring for their little treasures. She is patient, very thorough, clean and tidy, and full of love for others. We are happy to have Joyce as part of our team since 2005.

Joyce trained under Marie Gottfried and Rachel Davis for 3 weeks even though she had already worked as a Baby Nurse on her own and for another agency for 6 years prior to working with Rachel’s Infant Care.

Here is what some of our clients have said about Joyce:

“Rachel – We want to thank you so much for your service and pairing Joyce with our Family. She was an amazing help and person! We learned so much from her. We were blessed to be able to do this. We will continue to refer your wonderful company!”
Meredith McCaskill – Raleigh, NC – 2016

“Joyce was wonderful! The amount of education she gave to myself and my husband was most helpful. She taught us so much….from daily routine, swaddling, feeding…the knowledge was beyond helpful! She knew when to teach and when to listen! I would not have been able to continue breastfeeding without her knowledge and guidance!”
Meg Phillips – SC – 2015 & 2016

“Joyce was so helpful with all of her advice, suggestions and knowledge. She helped me get the baby on a schedule and took over the night time feedings which helped to let me recover from my c-section. We Love Joyce and were thrilled to have her come back for our 2nd Baby.”
Jane Leyens – New Orleans, LA

“Joyce helped tremendously with breast feeding. Isabella had difficulty latching on and staying on. Joyce in her calming, nurturing manner reassured me and taught me how to keep her latched on. She was always making sure my needs were cared for as well. She made sure I ate well and got enough rest. It was stressful being a first-time mother and having her pleasant calming personality in our home was comforting and reassuring.”
Jennifer Hodge – Raleigh, NC

“Joyce jumped in and helped out wherever it was needed. She got Jack on an amazing schedule and worked out the kinks. I liked that she listened to what we wanted/needed and made it happen. She made Jack her priority and got him scheduled. Joyce is loving, caring and amazing! She quickly became a part of our family and always pitched in when we needed her to.”
Annie Frazer – Nashville, TN

“Joyce took care of our baby girl as well as me. I decided not to breast-feed, and she really helped me with my milk situation. She also got Mary Carlon on a schedule. Joyce made our meals which was wonderful and made our meal-time a special time. Joyce is a strong Christian and she made an effort to meet the needs of everyone including our five year old little boy.”
Elizabeth Feagin – Birmingham, AL

“Joyce was simply marvelous and priceless to me! She is a dear friend and mentor; she is such a pleasure to have in our home. Everything was helpful, but most of all; the confidence she gave me!”
Sweet Dupuy – Washington, DC

“Joyce’s incredible calming manner, knowledge, and ability to convey the importance of a routine to us. She treated my daughter and baby as though they were special, their feelings were important. We wish she could stay forever!”
Ann Dupey – New Orleans, LA

“Her calm confident demeanor made me feel so relaxed around the baby. She made me feel as though I can handle what ever comes up. Her knowledge about caring for babies was wonderful. She was professional and gave great tips on how to go about the day to day activities. I appreciated the notes she took and left with us. They are very helpful.”
Jane Leyens – New Orleans, LA

“Joyce is truly a wonderful caring person who not only makes babies feel loved but everyone in the household. Her ability to keep babies feeling loved and nurtured and all aspects of their lives neat and tidy is a wonderful combination. She has a joy for life which enriches the entire family.”
Terry Hunt – Birmingham, AL

“Joyce is a very sweet Christian woman. She gave us space and allowed family time. She was available whenever we needed her. She allowed me rest, got our baby on a schedule, ran errands, and gave me peace of mind knowing there was an expert in the house.”
Morgan Morgan – Raleigh, NC

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