Savannah Brantley

Baby Nurse / CNA

Savannah has loved taking care of babies since she was a “little mommy” to her baby dolls. She has been reading books and taking classes to assist her in her goal to be a Baby Nurse with Rachel’s Infant Care since April 2011. She has been actively helping our clients with their babies since February 2015. She enjoys gardening, writing letters (snail mail), collecting stamps, swinging, and going for walks with her best friend. Savannah’s favorite ways to help her “mommies” are; “breakfast in bed”, making cookies and tea, and especially the challenge of “sleep training” their little angels!


Here is what some of our clients have said about Savannah:

“Rachel, Thanks again for working with us on such short notice. Savannah was life changing for Carter’s little family!! Next grandchild I’ll be in touch much earlier!”
Lisa Woodring – Atlanta, GA – 20017

“Rachel, I can’t thank you enough!!! Savannah has been such an incredible help in our household! I may cry when she leaves!!! The baby is being so easy on us thanks to Savannah’s help and hard work!!!”
Alexandra Porteous – New Orleans, LA – 2017

“Savannah is such a joy to be around and fit seamlessly into our family! She was very knowledgeable and helped with my gassy newborn with tips and tricks I was unaware of. She helped make sure I was still eating and taking care of myself and not just my 2 year old and new baby. She also prepared amazing smoothies and snacks which helped my energy level tremendously!”
Courtney Penley – North Carolina – 2016

“I was impressed from day 1 of how flexible Savannah was on the job! She really handles last minute curve balls well. She is extremely teachable. I love her cheerful attitude, her constant smile even in the face of stressors in the home. Her loyalty to our family was touching and she is an extremely hard worker! She is genuine and shows integrity. Most of all, we always knew we could trust her with our children. She showed genuine concern for them and lots of love and care! I was impressed that she always had a song to sing, a story to read, a ball to play, a hug to cuddle, and energy to cook, clean, and even minister to me too. I’ll never forget her preparation of tea and a treat for me (usually yummy lactation cookies she had made) at the end of a long day. We have been blessed by her.”
Krystin Henley – Cashmere, WA – 2016

“Savannah was very nice and easy going. She meshed well with our family and was flexible. She genuinely loved and cared for my baby! I was very satisfied with the quality of my care!”
Amber Sones – Birmingham, AL – 2016