Molly Lindzy

Baby Nurse / Nanny

Molly was born in Nashville, TN and lived in this area her whole life. She grew up being homeschooled and on a farm where she was taught animal husbandry and many domestic skills associated with running a farm and home.  For a time she ran her own seamstress shop and alteration business. She has been a nanny or in some form of child care since the age of 12. She has attended several births of friends and has a passion for children and infants. She loves to be outdoors in nature, sew, does arts and crafts, camping, hiking, swimming, gardening and other outdoor activities. She also loves to help others, and to learn and grow and meet new people and make lifelong friendships. Molly is a very outgoing and cheerful kind of girl who enjoys nurturing and loving on babies and their mommies and being as much of a help as possible. She has a servant heart that loves to make life as easy as possible to others and to be a ray of sunshine wherever she goes.

Here is what some of our clients have said about Molly:

“Rachel, Thank you so much for everything! We are really going to miss Molly! Molly was incredible and has given me the confidence to do this on my own!!!! We can’t wait for her to join us with baby #2!!!”
Molly Wogan – New Orleans, LA – 2017

“Thank you again for the wonderful service you and your nurses provide – its truly a lifesaver! You all are so knowledgeable and teach me so much about caring for my babies. Molly was absolutely fabulous and is beyond her years. She makes delicious food too! We really enjoyed her!”
Adrienne Ehrensing – New Orleans, LA – 2016

“Simply awesome! So easy to be around. Respected our family time. Her willingness to serve and look for opportunities to help with the baby as well as the other children was a blessing. She has a joyful disposition and is a wonderful cook!”
Corinne Kidd – Nashville, TN – 2016

“Molly cared about each person in our family and it showed! Everything was helpful – night help so I could rest, day help so I could rest and take care of household needs, helping to problem solve digestive issues, assistance with other children, breastfeeding help, baking lactation cookies, making me smoothies and barley water, Huge Asset to Rachel’s Infant Care! I would recommend her to anyone and very much enjoyed getting to know her!”
Shanna Windham – North Carolina – 2016