Esther Morris

Baby Nurse / CNA

As a child, Esther had the privilege of attending the births of her younger siblings where she began her lifelong fascination with birth, babies, breastfeeding, and the special mother-baby bond. During a year-long mission trip to Nepal, her interest in mother-baby care deepened as she saw vast deficiencies in the maternity care offered in this developing country. Burdened with a desire to learn more so someday she could return and contribute more substantially, she returned to the states. She did a one-year internship at Uchee Pines Lifestyle Center, took a midwifery course offered by Mercy in Action, obtained her CNA license, and along the way devoured any documentary, book, or blog related to mothers and babies.

Esther began working as a Baby Nurse with Rachel’s Infant Care in October 2014 and still looks forward to learning something new with each momma and baby in her care. To Esther, baby nursing is not a job; it is a privilege and a passion. She loves helping new mommas as they give their baby their first bath and learn to breastfeed. Big brothers and sisters quickly find that she loves playing with them and helping them learn about their new baby. She enjoys cooking & baking, often surprising families with homemade-from-scratch bagels, bread, or blueberry muffins and of course yummy dinners, lactation cookies, and the famous RIC postpartum smoothies.

In the future Esther would like to become a lactation consultant and then someday return to the mission field to share Jesus’ love in practical ways to needy mommas and babies.

What our clients have said about Esther:

“Thank you Rachel!!!
We cannot wait to have Esther stay with us again!!! She is such a delight!!!!”
Marci Bailey – North Carolina – 2017

“Esther was so great to have here. She offered so many good routine options to put into place for our baby! He eats every 4 hours and my friends are just amazed at where he’s at at only 3 weeks old! She was helpful with all aspects of baby and mommy care which was crucial during my postpartum recovery. We loved the smoothies and the lactation cookies were my personal favorite! They still are…”
Harrell Family – North Carolina – 2016

“Rachel, I could go on and on about how helpful, informative and amazing Esther was during our transition into family life! But I’m sure you already know how wonderful she is! I’m so glad we found Rachel’s Infant Care! Thank you for everything!!”
Annie Warlick – North Carolina – 2016

“We just loved having Esther here! She was a wonderful house guest. Not only did she take excellent care of our baby, but she played with our toddler and involved her in whatever she was doing. She cooked and cleaned…we felt very taken care of! Knowing I had a loving, caring, qualified person that was dedicated to helping our family was such a relief!!!”
Marci Bailey – Raleigh,NC – 2015

“Esther was a perfect fit for our family! Her calm demeanor and helpfulness with the baby’s care, cleaning up, cooking, laundry, and calming our baby girl so I could get more sleep! Very helpful and Professional Service!”
Celeste McNulty – New Orleans – 2015